Photo Therapeutic Keratectomy (PTK) Treatment

What are Therapeutic Laser Treatments?

Photo-Therapeutic Keratectomy is a type of laser treatment used to treat conditions affecting the superficial layers of the cornea. The laser used is similar to that used for laser vision correction. However instead of correcting vision, PTK is used to treat painful recurrent corneal erosions or corneal abnormalities such a superficial corneal scars and opacities. PTK is also used to remove the surface layer of the cornea called the epitheium during cross-linking for keratoconus treatment.

Recurrent Corneal Erosions

This occurs when the superficial layer of the cornea, called the epithelium, is weakened from previous trauma or due to underlying corneal disease. The eyes are frequently very painful as this surface layer frequently breaks down due to this weakness. When these painful episodes cannot be controlled with medical therapy, PTK is used to ‘freshen up’ the surface layer of the cornea. This improves the adhesion of the epithelium to the underlying layers reducing the frequent painful episodes experienced in this condition.

Corneal Scars/Opacities

Scarring from previous trauma or infection, or opacities from underlying corneal disease can affect the vision. PTK can be used to remove such opacities or scarring in the superficial cornea to improve the vision. PTK can be used to reduce the haloes and glare noted in corneal dystrophies such as granular corneal dytrophy.

During your consultation, you will have a complete assessment of your eye. You may also have scans done to determine which layer(s) of your cornea are affected. Depending on the results of assessment, Mr. Ayoub will discuss if you are suitable for PTK or a different option to treat your condition.

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    The surgery is generally pain free as anaesthesia in the form of drops is used during the surgery to numb the eye.

    After the surgery, the eyes may be painful for 2-3 days. However, you will be given drops and tablets to alleviate any pain.

    Yes your vision will be blurred after surgery but this will recover in the first few days after surgery with further improvement over subsequent weeks. You will have to continue wearing glasses or contact lens after the surgery, if you were already wearing them before surgery.

    Yes, you can have your short-sightedness corrected at the same session as your PTK. Therefore, you will not need glasses or contact lens after surgery.

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