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BlephEx™ is a revolutionary tool for cleaning your eyelids and lashes. This tool can remove debris, bacteria, biofilm and bacterial toxins. We often use BlephEx™ to treat blepharitis and dry eye syndrome, depending on the severity of your symptoms. Blepharitis itself can also lead to dry eye syndrome.

We can also use BlephEx™ to remove parasites such as Demodex mites from your eyelashes. An overgrowth of Demodex mites can block the glands in your eyes. Before recommending BlephEx™ treatment, our ophthalmologist (eye specialist) will assess your eyes to determine the issue you are experiencing.

You may choose to have BlephEx™ before undergoing eye surgery, such as cataract surgery. In this case, BlephEx™ will be a one-off treatment to remove any bacteria that could lead to an infection. We may also perform BlephEx™ treatment before IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy.

What can BlephEx™ be used to treat?


Blepharitis is an inflammatory eyelid condition caused by blocked glands. Your eyes might be red and itchy, and your lids and lashes may stick together overnight. You may also find that your eyelids look greasy.

Left untreated, blepharitis can lead to several eyelid diseases – either directly or indirectly.

These include

Dry eye may lead to itchy, red eyes that sting, burn or water. You may experience temporary dry eye or chronic dry eye due to an ongoing cause.

Visit our dry eye treatments page to learn more about treating dry eye syndrome.

How it works

During the BlephEx™ procedure, we use a medical-grade micro-sponge to clean your eyelids and lashes. This sponge looks a bit like a cotton bud. The instrument spins while we carefully remove the debris and bacteria from the edge of your lids and lashes. Think of this as an exfoliation.

BlephEx™ lasts less than 10 minutes and is a simple walk-in-walk-out procedure. At Oculase, we always perform meibomian gland expression after BlephEx™ to ensure the glands are completely clear. 

Patients often see a significant and immediate improvement in their symptoms. However, if your symptoms are severe, your tear glands may be damaged, which can take several weeks to heal.

Side effects

Your eyes may be a little red for a short time after, but this passes quickly. Some patients also find that their eyes feel mildly irritated, though this is also temporary.


After the procedure, we will talk you through maintaining good eye hygiene. We will discuss how to perform a nightly cleaning of your eyelids. Always wash your hands before touching your eyes to prevent bacteria from spreading to your eyes. Before you leave, we will also arrange a follow-up appointment to check the progress of your eye health.

What are the alternatives to BlephEx™?

Your options usually depend on the cause of your symptoms. If you are experiencing dry eye syndrome, we may recommend meibomian gland expression, punctal plugs, or IPL therapy.

To treat blepharitis, we will also need to look at what is causing it. We may suggest a special shampoo for seborrhoeic dermatitis, antibiotics for rosacea, or meibomian gland expression for clogged meibomian glands. We will also recommend maintaining regular lid hygiene.

Book an appointment

If you have blepharitis or dry eye syndrome, you may benefit from BlephEx™ treatment. Our ophthalmologist, Mr Tariq Ayoub, offers thorough consultations and assessments to determine the best treatment for you. 

At Oculase, we tailor our treatment plans to each patient to ensure they receive personalised care. If you are interested in private BlephEx™ treatment, book an initial consultation today.


    We usually recommend BlephEx™ treatments every four to six months. Our ophthalmologist will let you know how often you should receive treatment, depending on your circumstances. You should stick to regular treatment, where necessary, to prevent bacteria buildup.

    No, the BlephEx™ procedure is painless. Though, it may tickle a little. We can use numbing eye drops if you are concerned about this sensation.

    There is no age limit. BlephEx™ is suitable for all ages. It’s just as safe and effective for older and young people, though your suitability will depend on several factors.

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