Eye Treatment Costs

We offer FREE video consultations for Vision Correction Surgery

All our treatments are administered by Consultant Eye Surgeons

Assessment costs

    LASIK: Free Video Consultation
    RLE: Free Video Consultation
    ICL: Free Video Consultation
    Includes scans and consultation with surgeon: £300
    Includes scans and consultation with surgeon: £300
    New patient consultation: £285
    Follow-up consultation: £175
    Second opinion & reports: £350

    *any scans required are charged separately

Treatment Prices

    LASIK, LASEK, trans-PRK: from £1900/eye
    LASIK with blended monovision: from £2250/eye
    LASIK for complex prescription: from £2450/eye
    Cataract surgery with monofocal lens implant: from £2500/eye
    Cataract surgery with premium lens implant: from £2850/eye
    Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery: from £2950/eye
    Implantable Contact Lens Surgery: from £2950/eye
    Manual Cross-linking: from £1950/eye
    Laser-assisted Cross-linking: from £2500/eye
    Laser Refractive Cross-linking: from £3000/eye
    Superficial Keratectomy: from £1450/eye
    Laser Photo-therapeutic Keratectomy (PTK): from £1950/eye
    BlephEx: £250/session*
    IPL Treatment (course of 4 sessions): £1200*
    IPL Treatment (pay per session): £400/session*
    Punctal plugs: from £400/eye

    *price includes meibomian gland expression

    One eye:: £750
    Both eyes: £1250
    Full thickness Transplant: from £8000/eye
    Partial thickness Transplant: from £8000/eye
    Chalazion removal (one eye): from £605
    Chalazion removal (both eyes): from £1005
    Chalazion treatment (medical): £285


    Upper Eye-lids (both eyes): from £5000
    Lower Eye-lids (both eyes): from £6000
    Upper & Lower Eye-lids (both eyes): from £8500


    Anti-wrinkle injections:

    1 area: from £250
    3 areas: from £375
    Ptosis (1 eye): from £4000
    Ptosis (2 eyes): from £6700
    Ectropion surgery: from £3700/eye
    Entropion surgery: from £4250/eye
    Pterygium removal with conjunctival graft: from £2450/eye

    * we use special glue and not sutures to hold the graft in place

Self Payers

Prices may vary as each treatment plan is personalised and depends on the complexity of your case. Contact our clinic to discuss your payment options.


We accept all major debit and credit cards,
both local and international.


We work with all major insurance companies:

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