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Why should I choose private cataract surgery?

Mr Tariq Ayoub - 27 Jan 2021

patient having private cataract surgeryCataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed procedures on the NHS with good outcomes. However, there are several benefits of having cataract surgery done privately rather than on the NHS.

In this article, we explore these differences

Freedom from Glasses and Contact Lens

You could be active and looking to have surgery to make you glasses-free. You might want to be able to swim, drive, and do all sorts of activities without using your glasses or contact lenses. This can only be achieved with premium lens implants which are available privately at Oculase but not offered on the NHS.

No Long Waiting Lists

One distinct advantage of private cataract surgery is the fact that you do not have to wait months to have cataract surgery. At Oculase, you can book your surgery at a date and time that suits you. This makes it possible to have your cataract surgery in time for a special occasion such as a wedding, provided that you leave enough time for your eyes to recover after your treatment.

Consultant Care

You can have peace of mind that your cataract surgery will be performed by our Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon. Unlike in the NHS, where trainees regularly perform cataract surgery under supervision, privately at Oculase, your surgery will be performed by our highly experienced, award-winning and high volume cataract surgeon, Mr Ayoub.

Both eyes surgery done on the same day

You have the option of having cataract surgery on both eyes done on the same day. The advantages of this include one visit to the hospital on the day of surgery and lesser time spent recovering compared to having cataract surgery done to one eye at a time. It also allows you to return to your work and day-to-day activities sooner with significantly reduced downtime.

Treat your Myopia, Hyperopia and/or Astigmatism

Premium lens implants, which are not available on the NHS, can be used to correct visual errors such as long-sightedness, short-sightedness and astigmatism as well as to treat cataracts. This can reduce your dependence on glasses or potentially eliminate glasses altogether as well as having your cataracts removed at the same time.


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