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Wavefront Treatment for LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Mr Tariq Ayoub - 12 Jul 2022

Modern laser eye surgery whether that be LASIK, trans-PRK or SMILE uses wavefront treatment to give you precision vision correction. Unlike traditional laser eye surgery, wavefront treatments aim to correct tiny imperfections in your eye to give you superior visual outcomes. At Oculase, we only use wavefront assisted treatments for LASIK laser eye surgery.

In this article, we explain how wavefront treatment works and how it is different to traditional surgery.

wavefront lasik laser eye surgery

What is Wavefront Treatment for Laser Eye Surgery?

Your eye is as unique as your fingerprints! There are differences in the architecture of the eye not only between individuals but also between the two eyes of the same person. Wavefront technology uses this unique feature of each individual eye to create a map of your eyes. This map shows any imperfections in your eyes. Wavefront treatment uses the data from this map to create a customised treatment plan for laser eye surgery. This customised treatment plan gives your superior quality of vision compared to standard conventional treatment.


How are Standard and Wavefront Treatment different for Laser Eye Surgery?

In standard laser eye surgery treatment only your glasses prescription is treated and no allowance is made to assess or correct any irregularities on your cornea. In wavefront laser eye surgery, a wavefront aberrometer is used to map the minuscule variations that is unique to your eyes. This along with your prescription is used to tailor a wavefront vision correction treatment bespoke to your eyesight.


What is the difference between LASIK and wavefront treatment?

In LASIK eye surgery, laser is used to reshape your cornea after a flap is created. This flap is then repositioned.

With standard LASIK, laser is used to treat your glasses prescription without making any allowances for any other variations in your vision. While this may be suitable for some people, this ‘one size fits all approach’ is not appropriate for all.

In wavefront LASIK, laser is used to deliver a truly customized and personalized vision correction using the data from a wavefront aberrometer (an advanced diagnostic tool). The treatment eliminates imperfections beyond myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. In addition, this customised laser treatment also results in less tissue removal than conventional laser-assisted LASIK making it safer than standard LASIK.


Who is suitable for LASIK wavefront treatment?

If you are suitable for conventional LASIK laser eye surgery then you should be eligible for wavefront LASIK as the laser treatment delivers superior treatment algorithms. In addition, the advanced diagnostic capabilities can be used in the detection and treatment of other corneal conditions such as keratoconus.

Listen to our certified laser eye surgeon, Mr. Tariq Ayoub, talk about the safety of laser eye surgery below.


If you are considering laser eye surgery or have any doubts about the suitability of wavefront LASIK laser eye surgery, contact us or book a consultation today.


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Mr Tariq Ayoub
Mr Tariq Ayoub, Consultant Ophthalmologist

Mr Ayoub has been rated as one of the top eye surgeons in the UK. He is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon in London, based at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, where he is also the Lead for the Emergency Department at Western Eye Hospital.

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