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Top 14 Foods to eat for Healthy Eyesight

Mr Tariq Ayoub - 27 Mar 2021

Your eyes are the gateway to your soul. They let you experience the stunning world around you to the fullest. However, this experience can dull with time and age as one’s vision deteriorates. Your best bet to maintaining good vision and healthy eyesight is proper nutrition and a balanced diet from an early age. Vitamins A, E and C, boiflavanoids, carotenoids, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc are some of the nutrients that help in maintaining healthy sight. But what foods contain these nutrients? Below we discuss the top 14 foods you should eat for healthy eyesight.

foods for healthy eyesight


Oily fish as such tuna, sardines, trout, salmon, mackerel and halibut are excellent sources of one of the most important nutrients for eyesight: omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is very effective in reducing progression of macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome. A study on the effects of Omega-3 fatty acid supplements showed that it reduced the symptoms of dry eyes in some people. Omega-3 is a top superfood for healthy eyesight and oily fish are a better source of this than alternatives such a flaxseed oil.


We always hear people say carrots are essential food for healthy eyesight. But is it true? Carrots are an important source of Vitamin A – one of the main nutrients our body needs to grow and function. Vitamin A protects the cells in our eyes and helps prevent night blindness, especially in children. Vitamin A is found not only in carrots, but also in red or orange coloured fruits and vegetables such as mango, papaya, sweet potato, and butternut squash.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Lutein is found in foods with a rich supply of carotenoids like dark green vegetables. Studies have shown that Lutein acts as an antioxidant that reduces the progression of age-related macular degeneration and slows the progression of cataract formation. Nitrates in green leafy vegetables have also been shown to have a beneficial effect on glaucoma. Make sure to include green leafy vegetables such a spinach, kale and broccoli in your diet.

Beans and legumes

Bioflavonoids and zinc are two nutrients that keep the eye healthy and protect the eyes from light damage. Foods such as black beans, kidney beans, lentils and legumes are rich in these nutrients. They play an important role in maintaining the healthy of your retina and consequently reducing the progression of macular degeneration and cataract formation.


Eggs are a rich source of the antioxidants zeaxanthin and lutein. Both these nutrients reduce the progression of age-related macular degeneration. People who consume 2-4 eggs per week have a 50% lower risk of developing advanced age-related macular degeneration compared to those who have 1 egg per week according to one study . These antioxidants, found in the yolk of the egg, reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the eye. Egg are also a rich source of Vitamin A.

Citrus fruits

Vitamin C helps protect the entire body, including the eyes, from damage and supports the growth of new cells. This essential nutrient has an antioxidant effect which prevents damage to retinal cells. It is found in abundance in citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and lemons. Vitamin C is also found in foods such as red peppers, strawberries and broccoli, .

Lean meat, oysters, and poultry

Zinc ensures sufficient production of eye pigment which protects the central field of vision. Oysters are considered one of the richest sources of zinc and even one is sufficient to fulfill daily needs. Similarly, poultry and lean meat are excellent sources of zinc as well.


Blueberries, strawberries and blackberries are good sources of antioxidants. These foods protect the eyes against cell damage which can result in age-related macular degeneration.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in carotenoids, antioxidants, and Vitamin A, E and C. These nutrient help strengthen night vision and prevent age-related eye diseases.


Avocados play a dual anti-oxidative role: they are not only a rich source of anti-oxidants but also help speed up the release of antioxidants from other foods. The anti-oxidative role is due to the lutein and zeaxanthin found in avocados which prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.

Almonds and sunflower seeds

Vitamin E, another great antioxidant that helps maintain healthy eyesight, is found abundantly in almonds, avocados, and sunflower seeds.

The Bottom Line

Healthy lifestyle habits, such as a wholesome diet and regular exercise, will help prevent may chronic diseases – including eye conditions. You should avoid polyunsaturated fats and excess sugars in your diet as much as you should include the above foods in your diet. A diet that keeps your whole body healthy will keep your eyes healthy too.

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