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Preparing for the YAG laser capsulotomy procedure

Mr Tariq Ayoub - 31 Aug 2022

Do you need a YAG laser capsulotomy procedure? If you’ve had cataract or lens replacement surgery and are experiencing blurred, cloudy vision, you may need a YAG procedure. Read our blog to learn what an Nd:YAG capsulotomy is.

Our blog discusses:

What is the YAG laser capsulotomy procedure?

YAG laser capsulotomy, also known as posterior capsulotomy, is a treatment for posterior capsular opacification (PCO). We use laser to target the lens capsule, where PCO thickening has formed, to create a hole. The hole allows light to pass through to your retina, allowing you to see better. 

It’s a safe, highly effective, and painless procedure, though you may feel some discomfort. Our blog – How effective is posterior capsular opacification treatment? – covers the risks and side effects of YAG laser capsulotomy. Read it now to find out more.

Watch our video below to see Mr Tariq Ayoub, our Consultant Ophthalmologist, explain what YAG laser capsulotomy is.


Laser capsulotomy is an outpatient procedure, meaning you will go home the same day. As we use a laser, this procedure is minimally invasive. It is scalpel-free, so it involves no surgical cuts. We discuss reasons to have the YAG procedure in our blog: Why might you need YAG after cataract surgery?

How do I prepare for YAG laser surgery?

Some procedures require quite a bit of preparation, though YAG preparation should be simple for you. You may want to wear loose-fitting clothes for the procedure to make yourself more comfortable. 

You won’t need to fast before the procedure and can take all your regular medications unless we tell you otherwise. While you can eat and drink, as usual, we always recommend following a healthy diet for your eye health.

We dilate your eyes with eyedrops before the procedure, which can cause blurred vision, temporarily affecting your driving ability. So you will need to arrange transport home. You are usually able to drive the next day. Though our eye specialist will discuss your circumstances with you.

On the day

Before we begin the procedure, we will dilate your pupils and numb your eyes. During the procedure, you will need to sit still – without moving your head or eyes. Let us know if you do feel the need to move.

While we perform the YAG laser capsulotomy procedure, you will have a bright light over your eye. The procedure itself usually takes less than 5 minutes. Though, we recommend sitting for a couple of minutes to adjust to the lighting once more. You might struggle to look at bright lights for a couple of days after the procedure, which is normal.


Your eyes may be a little sore after the procedure, but you can take pain relief medication for this. If you experience severe pain, contact us immediately to get this checked out. 

We may provide eye drops to counter any temporary side effects from the YAG laser capsulotomy procedure. Our ophthalmologist will inform you if these are necessary and when to use them before you leave.

When you return home, you may want to rest for a while or get some sleep. There are no problems with you doing so. There are no physical restrictions after your procedure, other than driving, so you can go about your regular activities.

Why choose Oculase?

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About the author

Mr Tariq Ayoub
Mr Tariq Ayoub, Consultant Ophthalmologist

Mr Ayoub has been rated as one of the top eye surgeons in the UK. He is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London, one of the largest NHS trusts in England. He is also the Lead for the Emergency Department at Western Eye Hospital, as part of the Imperial College Trust.

Mr Ayoub completed his Ophthalmology training at the prestigious London School of Ophthalmology, namely at Moorfields Eye Hospital and Royal Free Hospital. During his career, he has received many prestigious awards from national and international organisations for his work in the field of ophthalmology.

His clinical interests include treatment for cataracts, vision correction, corneal disease, eye-lid disorders, trauma, and general ophthalmology. Mr Ayoub prides himself on the high quality of his work. With his extensive experience, he can holistically manage complex eye conditions to deliver the best care for his patients.

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